The Weekend That Changes Everything

Love Your Body Love Your Life

Retreat California


You SiStar...

  • Want Confidence, so you can be unapologetic and courageous in your life
  • Want to feel sexy, sassy and sensual in all areas of your life
  • Have forgotten what it feels like to be free, and to dance without shame or embarrassment
  • Want to feel empowered in your body yet standard fitness doesn't give you the motivation you need
  • Feel Rebelious, when it comes to "diets" and following food rules just feels shitty
  • Desire that feeling of Feminine Power, and want to be unstoppable 
  • Desire a strong sense of self worth, healthy sexuality, and feeling of connection and belonging 
  • Want the power of honoring and expressing your emotions 
  • Deserve to feel FREEDOM in moving your body, feeling strong, capable, and beautiful
  • Deserve to feel healthy, happy, whole and complete

and... you are TIRED of waiting to FEEL GOOD, you are OVER IT with the hard work, and you are READY to Love Your Body, Love Your Life, and FEEL Fantastic and Safe in Your Bank Account!

Retreat Experiences

We take a casual and relaxed approach with a cup of tea to empowerment. Bring your comfy goddess clothes, your sunhat, your passion and love!

Meet Your Hosts

Christi and Fiona

Fiona Rose, Founder of Love Your Body Fitness Method, Certified Fitness Trainer, Life-Coach, and Professional Belly Dance Instructor. Fiona’s creative, empowering, and healing approach to fitness has put her in high demand. She has been traveling the world, speaking, teaching and facilitating Body Love and Movement for over five years. Her Love Your Body Love Your Life Retreats and Belly Dance experiences have been proclaimed as “transcending our conscious awareness”, “transformational” and “life changing”. Her philosophy is that our bodies are meant to move in harmony and that movement is intuitive, there is no “right” way.

Christi Kendall, Intuitive, Healer and 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, has helped hundreds of women to Love Their Life and Love Their Bank Accounts and she is passionate about helping her clients turning fear, trauma, and pain into motivation and money so they can experience success, permanently. She teaches results oriented mentality, helps you discover what triggers you to create change and success in your life. While working with Christi you will discover the processes that create extraordinary results, permanent shifts, and you will be empowered to help other people that you have business or personal relationships with.

2 1/2 days of deep transformative inner healing, experience a soulful weekend retreat. Experience belief work, money magic, belly dancing on the beach to align our feminine power center, and so much more. 

Your Experience...

* Healing, Belief Work, Coaching, and Breakthroughs

* Bach Flower Remedies to support your healing

* Mind, Body, Spirit, mapping for optimal clearing

* Belly Dance Workshop to open your feminine power centers so you are open to receive all that you desire

* Clearing old patterns and reprograming to new ways of thinking and feeling

* Secrets to body mind solutions

* A Magical (top secret) release ceremony to let go of all the old and manifest all that you desire

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You deserve to feel your best, to have all that you desire.

Retreat investment is $2,400.00, and if you sign up by July 16th you pay only $297.00!!!

WHOAH! What a deal. 

This retreat has over $10,000.00 worth of healing value from some of the top healers, coaches, and homeopathy experts in the nation. With a  Master Healer and World Class Fitness Expert, and incredible Guest Speakers!


 Sign up AND invite a friend who signs up, and you will be entered into a drawing for yummy prizes!


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